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Amanda Todd…

16 Oct

There has been a significant amount of coverage in the media recently concerning the suicide of 15 year old Amanda Todd…

The Canadian teenager took her life after being hounded for several years by anonymous tormentors, who incessantly followed her from school to school leaving her desperately isolated.

This tragic account has really highlighted the extent of the problem we are faced with… when children are taking their own lives in the face of cyber bullies it seems obvious that some form of control needs to be put in place to protect victims like Amanda. Perhaps if they were already in effect she wouldn’t have been pushed to such extreme lengths?

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Welcome to the Debate…

15 Oct

As the technology generation, the way we communicate is continually evolving. From the simple text message to contemporary networking websites, it has become increasingly apparent that this media is the new frontier in social interaction. Although an entirely positive movement in many aspects, the downside to such a public forum of speech is rapidly becoming more severe.
Thr3e-Thinking wants to explore the extent to which cyber bullying, in particular, can be regulated and how increasingly essential the need for regulation has become. By looking specifically at case studies illustrating the broad spectrum of the issue, it is possible to debate the extremities related to this new method of communication and how it can be controlled.
One aspect of the problem is the flaws and pitfalls associated with freedom of speech and how it can be misconstrued for “bullying”. Can over regulation lead to a backlash from the public when it appears to restrict views and personal opinion?

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