A picture’s worth a thousand words…

5 Nov

The biggest news story over the past week has been the devastating hurricane ‘Sandy’ which hit New York last week. Broadcasted all over the World, the hurricane sadly killed the lives of 40 people in New York, 24 in New Jersey and 69 in the Caribbean before it turned North to the Eastern board of America. 30,000 to 40,000 in New York alone are said to have needed housing.

The devastation this has caused is unthinkable and with news updates spreading quick over the internet, each source of information is seen as news worthy but also trusted.

For many of those reading these news stories, the images speak for themselves… but are they all real pictures we have seen?

The images you see have been circulated on the internet, posing asthe truth. The pictures have been processed in photoshop or taken from films and edited once more. These images would have been seen by millions of people, some of which have been directly effected.

So, is it right to publish fake images of a natural disaster…

In the comfort of your own home it is fair enough to entertain yourself with editing pictures – whatever floats your boat! But it is a different meaning when these pictures are published worldwide in relation to a natural disaster effecting so many lives. Many victims, relatives etc. will believe these images are telling the true story, making it seem even worse than the situation is.

These images should have been banned from being published in the first place or even banned from the web after it was revealed these images were fake, censoring should be put in place before harmful images like these appear online.


3 Responses to “A picture’s worth a thousand words…”

  1. H Williams November 8, 2012 at 10:30 am #

    I agree, the original images of the disaster should have had enough impact in their own right. Great article.

  2. Jemma Boon November 8, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    These images are a classic example of the “scare factor” : people like to scare each other. These images completely dramatise a very serious situation that affected a large proportion of the United States population and should not have been published on the internet, especially as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have the facilities to share to millions of users.
    For those affected by Hurricane Sandy, these images could have caused serious concern and worry as well as those around the world who have loved ones on the east coast. Dramatising these images can be seen as making a mockery out of a situation that should be taken very seriously, especially as so many lives were affected.
    It is difficult to know how to resolve problems such as these: as you said in the comfort of your own home there is no problem with editing images via photo-shop, but the problem arises when you consider that most people nowadays have a tendency to share something they are proud of and expect a strong reaction to on Facebook, and as your personal site, it would be difficult to prevent the upload of such images. The facility to “report” an image only comes after the upload is complete and the image is officially on the internet which would leave censorship and the banning of images on the web considerably more difficult considering the various portals through which internet users can share and access images.
    Completely agree that through any way possible ,censorship and banning of such images should be brought in and implemented asap.

  3. Dave Biggs November 12, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    I remember when I first saw the second image (the tidal wave hitting the Statue of Liberty) and thinking ‘that looks like something out of a day after tomorrow’. My housemate and I were both shocked at how serious Sandy was and the effect it was having on New York and the whole of Eastern America.

    We were even more shocked when we found out this was just an image from the day after tomorrow that someone thought would be a clever idea to circulate. I was both relieved (because this wasn’t actually happening in New York) but also angry that this image had gotten out and so many people believed it and were affected by it. I don’t know how images like this can be controlled as in this day and age it is so easy to edit images and publish them, but something has to be done before something more serious is published which could lead to more severe consequences. What if somehow someone faked an image of a city blown up or a terrorist group making a dirty bomb? There would be absolute chaos!!

    The first image I am still unsure whether it is real or not. This may just be a wonderful piece of photography or another person having some ‘fun’.

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