Thats Asda’s Price…

8 Nov

According to the Daily Mail, more than ‘two dozen’ viewers have complained about the Asda Christmas advert, claiming it to be sexist. By all means, an army of two dozen angry viewers are not to be messed with, but when does tongue in cheek become sexist?

The Boots adverts are overtly directed towards women and they work wonderfully. The last Christmas advert showed a man using his wife’s expensive moisturiser all over his body, which led me to turn a slightly lighter shade of red after I found my boyfriend of the time doing the exact same thing. ‘Rejoice! Other women have to suffer this moronic behaviour too! I’m not alone! Take me to Boots to buy me new moisturiser NOW!’

Advertisements always stereotype because it’s the easiest and quickest way of communicating a message to a vast audience. However these adverts are just showing that this is what happens around Christmas that someone has to be there to successfully wrap it all up with a ribbon and that someone in the eyes of Asda just happens to be a Mum. If I was a Dad I’d be annoyed at Asda for insinuating that I cannot make Christmas a success.

Are brands right to stereotype?

Brands pay a huge sum of money for their adverts that last 30 seconds max. Each brand, if really pushed, would reveal their specific audience who they want to target. However they also would like to target those on the outer skirts of the demographics too, so what do they do? They stereotype in order to appeal to a larger audience. Maybe one I, Jess and Megan will be sat watching TV and they’ll be able to insert our names into adverts and make them personal, however until then we’ll continue to align ourselves to the brands whose stereotypes we want to fit.

Is it insulting to the majority or the minority and does this really matter?

 ‘Two dozen’ complaints is hardly enough to make it news worthy in my eyes, so as far as I’m concerned the minority do not matter because they are quite obviously not the types of people Asda are trying to target.


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