Life is LIFE.

22 Nov


I have always had a problem with the justice system in this country because I’ve never understood how a judge could refer to life as 13 years. Does this mean that every 13 years we evolve as people and emerge out of the other side a new? I think not. A ‘life’ sentence in this country is the equivalent to a dog, not a human.

I have always admired the American justice system simply because I love that someone can be sentenced to something like 450 years in prison if they have committed multiple murders. That to me is justice, because in no way can that criminal be stood in the docks thinking, ‘I wonder what I’ll do when I get out in 450 years’ time…’ I’m sure in the UK there are people who would think 13 years was bearable in exchange for killing someone they despised. However I bet there is a much smaller amount of people who would think spending the rest of their life in prison would be worth the death of their enemy.

In the UK a panel of judges are currently in debate for whether ‘life should mean life’ and so far they have decided that this should only apply for the most serious of cases. I think this is totally immoral. In a lot of murder cases the criminal gets sentenced to life, behaves ‘nicely’ in prison and then gets early parole. I certainly know that if someone killed one of my loved ones and was realised in less than 7 years I would consider committing the crime myself!

I personally do not think that the punishment system in the UK is strong enough to be a deterrent. If someone has managed to get themselves in the position where they are being trailed for murder and then sentenced to life, that is enough reason for them to be in prison for longer than a few blinks. This is not taking their life away, they are still breathing and if something went wrong in the investigation then they can still be released and given a rather large lump sum in compensation.

Thankfully I have been raised well enough to know that murder is wrong. However if I hadn’t been raised in this way then I may just be sat here contemplating this evenings activities, knowing that if I behaved nicely then by the age of 27 I’d be free as a bird and still on course in my life plan to pop out a sprog…


*Just to clarify, in no terms am I off murdering this evening.


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