‘Breezy’? More Like A Social Media Tornado.

28 Nov

After a relentless twitter campaign, comedy writer Jenny Johnson got an unexpected backlash yesterday, when she ended up on the wrong side of self dubbed Chris Brown fanatics, “Team Breezy”. Events escalated  after Brown reacted angrily to a comment made by Johnson and proceeded to engage in a series of distasteful, misogynistic rants. All, on the face of it, aimed at giving Jenny a taste of her own troll medicine and from the looks of things, it was bitter…


The controversial hip hop star is no stranger to scandal. Ms Johnson’s crusade began way back in 2009 after Brown was convicted for the horrific assault on his then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. The question is, does this past indiscretion, although undeniably appalling, mean he should be forced to accept any and all negative remarks that come his way?

Jenny Johnson went out of her way to personally attack the singer, despite knowing it would antagonise not only Brown himself, but also his legion of mindless, loyal followers. Of course the logical solution, obvious to the educated and those with basic common sense, would have been for the singer to simply ignore any derogative comments, but no; Chris had to resort to single-handedly destroying the reputation, painstakingly recovered by his PR team following his conviction. All the time, money and resources invested in maintaining his status as a credible recording artist, were thrown away for the sake of attempting to quiet one opinionated journalist.

It has now got to the stage where she is receiving a deluge of vile death threats as a penalty for her part in the deactivation of his twitter account. This is utterly ridiculous. On one hand, yes, a troll is a troll, but there is never an excuse to threaten the life of another person in the name of punishment. Social networking sites have rules and regulations for a reason. It’s not the responsibility of hormonal teenagers to defend Chris Brown’s character. If he was genuinely concerned or emotionally wounded then he had the option to report Jenny’s account; instead he chose to reply and with full knowledge of the consequence, enrage his fans.

At the end of the day she poked a sleeping dragon; this twitter tirade has been ongoing for the last 2 years. Chris can’t post a picture of a shoe without Jenny implying he uses it to kick toddlers. The second he bites back she has been portrayed as the victim but is that really the case? Of course on the other hand, Mr Brown was essentially fishing for compliments with his original post, so he can’t really sulk just because he doesn’t like what he caught…


One Response to “‘Breezy’? More Like A Social Media Tornado.”

  1. Amanda December 1, 2012 at 8:57 am #

    Why do some comedians believe they are beyond reprisal for making personal offensive remarks and always justify it by saying it’s just comedy?….Often than not these type of comedians offer no apologies for their ill judged offensive jokes and without knowing the people they have used for their so called comedy material. A good example of a comedian who thinks they are beyond reproachment is Frankie Boyle who went to court because he was labelled racist and sued for libel. He has made well documented offensive jokes against people with disabilities which have gone way beyond what is acceptable and yet didnt like it when he was accused of being racist. Jenny Johnson has hidden behind the comedy excuse to voice her opinions about Chris Brown and thinks that will protect her against reproachment. The arrogance with these comedians that they use freedom of speech to the extreme and offer no apology.

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