Tax The Fat?

29 Nov


After reading a blog post by Practical Ethics about their argument for not adding additional tax to fatty foods, it left me unsure of my stance on the subject. Alcohol and cigarettes both have increasingly high taxes placed on them, but I had never personally seen that it was due to the health risks that these items may hold; more to do with the fact that they’re two things which are increasingly becoming associated with an enjoyable lifestyle for many Brits and therefore easy to gain money on.

Adding extra tax to ‘fags and booze’ has never stopped anyone buying; it’s just meant that what they consume is more Lambrini than Oyster Bay, or rollies rather than B&H ‘finest’. So would a tax on fatty foods stop people buying them, or would they choose Tesco value chocolate over Diary Milk instead? As a nation, we’ve been brought up knowing that if we want something then we can get it, and as far as I am aware, tax has never stopped this mentality.

The idea behind placing tax on fatty foods is to help with some of the costs the NHS face with obese, lazy and out of control humans, who consider 1 of their 5 a day to be a strawberry jam Krispy Kreme or a slab of Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut. Yet what about the people who do have self-control and once a month decide to pick up a chocolate bar, should they be punished with additional tax too?

Whilst writing this blog I have come to the conclusion that if the government was to bump up the prices of fatty foods because of their health implications, then surely, to be fair to everyone they should just make the NHS private and those who suffer as a result of obesity have to pay for the outcome of their lifestyle decisions.


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