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Please Mind The Gap…

8 Nov


Much has been documented in recent times about the ethical treatment of women in the workplace and it is a political argument long fought by activists, going as far back as Emmeline Pankhurst (that lass who chained herself to the Prime Ministers railings for those of you who fell asleep in your history lesson.)

An investigation by the Chartered Institute of Management has today released some genuinely shocking statistics of gender inequality in UK businesses, which would undoubtedly have left the suffragettes spitting in their bonnets… 

According to a nationwide survey, 15% of business women in Britain will essentially work for free the rest of this year! The CMI claims that the average female executive is earning a staggering £500,000 less than her male counterpart, despite the fact they are performing an indistinguishable role. How is it that in the 21st century we are still left with social prejudice towards successful women, who are seemingly deemed as doing a less worthy job due to the fact they have a womb! Surely as a society we are now wholly aware of the notion that a diverse management team is a successful one?

How can anyone justify the idea that a woman deserves such a significantly lower wage packet in comparison to a man in the same position of authority and stature? In this age of ethical activism and freedom of equality, we should not be faced with such stark difference in the treatment of men and women in the corporate domain.


I mean, imagine the horror by the entire male population if the same were to be said in reverse…

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